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An on-going career of illustration, both in-house and freelance, of wide and varied subject matter – financial to pharmaceutical, architectural to agricultural. Never too much sport though, and a look back at my old Art College sketchbooks reveals (usually at the back of the book) scribbles, doodles and all manner of bicycle related designs.

Recently I have been, more by happy accident than design, fortunate enough to work within the cycling press. A job which in title was ‘picture research’ but in practice included writing, photographing, reviewing, testing, interviewing, visiting races & generally mixing with the nicest crowd of people. Which lead to… illustrating. (sounds a bit grandiose?) is partly a response to requests for prints of my work and also a blog to highlight new works, thought processes, arty things, and, probably a bit of cycling.

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About the prints

Modern technologies are excellent when it comes to print quality. The prints here are described as “museum standard archival Giclee prints” supplied by Eyes Wide Digital The paper is 255g/m2 ‘Somerset enhanced Velvet, 100% cotton, mould made, acid free’, producing a very bright and guaranteed fade free finish.

I have highlighted a selection that can be ordered, all will be limited edition, hand signed, but any of my artworks here on the site can be produced in A3 & A4, or indeed any size (eyeswide specialize in printing onto different fabrics also, check out their deck chairs!)


A2 signed, limited edition 1/150 unframed print: £85 + postage

A3 signed, limited edition 1/150 unframed print: £65 + postage

A4 signed, limited edition 1/150 unframed print: £45 + postage

A0 & A1 sizes are also available, please enquire

Latest news and projects


Other designs are also available in print form and available by request. Please feel free to enquire via email: