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Wiggo and Froomdog

Bradley Wiggins had convincingly won the 2012 Tour de France, although, there was a little friction between him and team-mate Chris Froome (who was in the team to aid Wiggins throughout the race). Two very different characters, there were times when you sensed Froome was straining at the leash to fly off up the road by himself, rather than protect his leader.

The friction was also apparent with each riders respective partners, whom conducted an on-going ‘debate’ on twitter, from which emerged Froome’s then moniker: ‘Froomedog’ (‘If you want loyalty, get a Froome dog’ – tweeted Froomes partner)

Early in the lead up to the 2013 Tour de France, and with no clear leader for the Sky Tour team apparent, Cycling Weekly asked me to produce an image to accompany a story on the (alleged) feud.

I sketched an idea quite quickly and I was pleased with the way it worked in the finished illustration with the exaggerations of the rider’s body shapes. The magazine didn’t quite take to Froome’s ears though, which were dropped for the printed image.


Untitled 6 wiggodaveb2

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