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Bit of a break

I first broke my collarbone in the early 1970’s trying to impress the girls at school with my handstand prowess. It was a hot summer, the ground was hard, we were on a slope, it looked easy. You can guess the rest.

In around 30 years of cycle racing I have been relatively lucky, cuts, grazes, stitches, a stay in hospital, oh and that time that the car… (I say relatively). My collarbones have stayed intact though, which for a cyclist is good. I know riders who seem to be ‘serial breakers’, and the sight is quite common of someone after a race clutching their shoulder in a telltale way.

Now I have joined the club. Frustrating more than anything, I was getting back to fitness after a cyclocross winter racing season interrupted by illness and niggling fitness problems. I had also just put my entry in for the 3 Peaks Cyclocross, taking place at the end of September, which would have been my 20th participation. So looking forward to a good amount of race specific training.

Prognosis isn’t too good though I think, I landed straight on the top of my left shoulder, and the break is right at the end, near the joint. Age is not on my side, in terms of healing time, and by the sound of it any racing/training will have to wait for a while. Ho hum, but things could have been worse of course.

I am also left-handed, but am looking forward to doing some right-handed life drawing at my regular session, which should be interesting. I have also finalised my latest prints and will endeavor to place information here soon.

How did it happen? It was a hot summer, the ground was hard, we were on a slope, it looked easy…

3 responses to “Bit of a break”

  1. Huw Watkins says:

    Bad luck, Simon. I hope you can cobble yourself back together before the 3 Peaks

  2. scarsbro says:

    Cheers Huw 🙂

  3. Life on repeat! Take care! =)

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